Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Trials and tribulations of being back in the old hood!

So I haven't wrote anything out on my blog in a few weeks so I guess its time to catch up on things I am up to.

First of all started my crazy ass workout, P90X. Yes I am doing the whole P90X thing and for the most part I am enjoying the workouts. They are tough and make me sweat like a mad man. The only thing I am noticing from the workouts right now is the fact that being a smoker doesn't help one bit and being a bit overweight right now isn't helping the flexibility part of the exercises. I know the flexibility will come with more workouts and I will get more endurance as I go along but for now thats my problem with the workout.

The next thing I have to write about is one of my buddies. Okay so sometime after I left Whitby and moved out to Brampton, one of my friends had a mental breakdown and was put into the psychiatric ward at the hospital. He was there for a few months and had to be put on some drugs to help straighten him out. Now during my time away from Whitby I would only see or talk to him on the odd occasion so he never really got to me at all. Recently though we have been hanging out more and he seems to be turning more to me for companionship. This normally wouldnt be a problem but I have been wanting to get myself into shape since I have been back in the area and have time but he seems to want to suck up more of my time lately. For example the other day he just randomly showed up at my place and just wanted to hang out, but when I invited him in he said virtually nothing at all. He just paced around my parents place like he was a lost puppy. The day after he basically did the same thing but wanted to go out and get coffee. I had to literally tell him "No way man I am working out tonight and I dont need a coffee!"

Anyways going to end my rant now before I continue to rant about the failure of no job yet!

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